Monday , 15 April 2024

Joshua Tree Storms and Star Trails Timelapse

Back to Joshua Tree once more for another timelapse journey! This time we focused on the Indian Cove section of the park, as well as the secluded Lost Horse Gold Mine ( and the scorched fields on the 6 mile loop trail surrounding it. As you can see in the first shots, there had definitely been a massive fire at some point. The mine itself was pretty surreal — such a bizarre sight set against the desolate desert! Though an epic storm system rolled over the skies for most of Night 1, the massive clouds parted in the early AM to reveal some incredible starscapes and a beautiful palette for star trails and other experimentation.

You can see the giant shift from stormfront to starry skies play out in a 23 second uninterrupted shot 0:45-1:08 taking place over four hours of continuous shooting and an entire battery from start to finish! Star trails effect created with the natural rotation of the earth’s axis, including the final shot, which circles around the North Star, creating “vortex” effect seen. STARSTAX used to merge pics. Used a Canon EOS 6D with a 24mm/1.4 lens — exposures between 20 and 25 seconds, ISO between 3200 and 5000, f/2.8.

The cabin you see in the background of some shots is part of the www.IndianCoveRanch.Com resort my girlfriend and I stayed at for some of the trip. Amazing place — just twenty feet from the park boundary! Also if you look closely around 1:15-1:19 at the bottom left of the screen, you’ll see what looks like a desert rabbit hopping around the grounds. Pretty interesting stuff! Maybe someone out there can positively ID it for us? You might have to crank the brightness!

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