Friday , 24 May 2024

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Best Father/Daughter Dance Ever

That Father and Daughter make the best wedding dance ever ! My daughter has always found her own path. She played Flag football at 6. She hated wearing dresses. She wore a tuxedo to her first communion. She lettered in Soccer and Track. She then became an Engineer for the largest automaker in the world when she was 22. I …

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TETRIS by Rémi Gaillard

Remi Gaillard is french jester. He likes making prank to french people. He has become famous with “C’est en faisant n’importe quoi qu’on devient n’importe qui” (can be translated by : “It’s by making anything that we become anyone”)

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Amazing Beatbox brilliance by Tom Thum

Tom Thum: Armed with just a microphone, Thum pushes the limits of the human voice to create incredible soundtracks of impossible beats and phenomenal sounds, with scratched vinyl, the Michael Jackson back-catalogue, the didgeridoo and an entire fifties jazz band amongst his vocal repertoire.

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