Monday , 6 May 2024

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Top 5 Piñata Fails

With Cinco de Mayo fast approaching, this 5 piñata fails should definitely help get you excited! See what can go wrong when people use bats to get candy!

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Shark Attacks Camera

A SHARK reveals its fearsome teeth – trying to take a bite out of a camera on the ocean floor. This close encounter was captured by wildlife photographer Amos Nachoum, 63, from Israel, during one of his photo expeditions. The 14 ft shark swam around the area for four hours, giving Amos and his crew an up close view of …

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Best Freestyle Football Tricks by Wass (Vice World Champion)

Best Freestyle Football Tricks by Wass (Vice World Champion) // New video of Wass, the Freestyler who has ridiculed Ashley Cole Wassim Ben Sliman – “Wass” – is a Franco-Algerian freestyler, Guinness record holder and triple Vice World Champion. During his preparation for the World Championships of Freestyle Football in Brazil, Wass came to visit the Cabinet of Curiosities! Discover …

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Joshua Tree Storms and Star Trails Timelapse

Back to Joshua Tree once more for another timelapse journey! This time we focused on the Indian Cove section of the park, as well as the secluded Lost Horse Gold Mine ( and the scorched fields on the 6 mile loop trail surrounding it. As you can see in the first shots, there had definitely been a massive fire at …

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Hunky-Dory Hong Kong

Hong Kong is one of the most amazing cities in the world. Travel through the ultimate Asian Metropolis in miniature size. From Rubber Duckie to the Peak. Hong Kong has never looked more adorable. A time-lapse tilt-shift film by Joerg Daiber.

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